• Intelligent Automotive Chemistry<strong><span style="color:#109849">.</span></strong>

    TÜV Approved automotive chemicals incorporating the latest advances in nano technology and blended to outperform all rivals. Independently tested and certified.

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  • Quality<strong><span style="color:#109849">.</span></strong> Effective<strong><span style="color:#109849">.</span></strong> Compatible<strong><span style="color:#109849">.</span></strong>

    Developed, tested and refined on racing circuits around world to deliver proven measurable performance gains.

    Performance Additives & System Cleaners
  • Protect your vehicle’s performance<strong><span style="color:#109849">.</span></strong>

    Powatec Protected service treatments are now available from your local authorised workshop. Designed to lower emissions, protect engines and improve your vehicle’s performance.

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  • Lower Emissions<strong><span style="color:#109849">.</span></strong><br />Better Fuel Economy<strong><span style="color:#109849">.</span></strong><br />Advanced Protection<strong><span style="color:#109849">.</span></strong>

    Real world automotive solutions that guarantee performance gains,
    lower emissions and superior engine protection.

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R&D Technology Partner

Innovators of performance-optimizing, environmentally-friendly premium automotive solutions.

TÜV Approved

TÜV Approved

Made in Germany

Manufactured to the highest quality standards in TÜV accredited testing facilities in Leutenberg, Germany.

The Parts Alliance

The Parts Alliance

UK Distribution Partner

UK distribution, technical support and training partner with 200+ factor branches across the UK & Ireland.

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